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Unlimited Growth automatically as need increases!!
TexWebHost handles growth automatically and affordably for you.  Just pay in small increments as you grow.
Additional Resource Prices
Additional disk space $1.00/GB
Additional bandwidth $0.50/GB
Additional compute cycles $0.02/compute cycle

SSL Certificates
SSL Capabilities 
TexWebHost utilizes dedicated SSL hardware to securely encrypt website traffic without creating unnecessary load on the Windows or Linux web servers. The SSL option gives you unlimited access to our SSL cluster and allows you to add as many SSL certificates as you need. (Please note: The SSL certificates used must be root-level Apache certificates.)
per  month
Ruby On Rails
Ruby on Rails
Your account comes with included support for one Ruby on Rails website outfitted with two Litespeed server processes and 128MB of RAM. If you need more Ruby websites, they can be easily added. For each site, you'll be able to select the package that best fits your requirements: 2 processes and 128 MB of RAM for $35.00 / month; 4 processes and 256 MB of RAM for $55.00 / month; or 8 processes and 512 MB of RAM for $100.00 / month.
$35.00 - $100.00
 per month
Microsoft SQL Databases
Microsoft SQL Storage
Scalable disk space for your Microsoft SQL databases in 100 MB increments. (This option is required to host/use MS SQL Databases.)
per 100 MB per month
Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration
Register or transfer a domain name.
per year
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