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What TexWebHost Offers What To Watch For

Application Frameworks: PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, MySQL 5, .Net 2.0, 3+3.5, ASP, MS SQL 2k5

Java/Tomcat, ColdFusion are not available at this time

OS: Windows, Linux or both in the same plan


Access: File Transfer Protocol (FTP),
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

SSH access and Remote Desktop Protocol are not available at this time (you can run cron jobs, set permissions, uncompress files, however); API access is also not available at this time

Email: POP/IMAP, and Webmail with shared calendars,
contacts and tasks

Exchange is not available at this time

Windows Components: Common components are available,
such as AspUpload, AspJpeg, CDONTS and CDOSYS

Custom server-side components are generally
not compatible

IP AllocIP Allocation: A static IP address is assigned by the system depending on the technology chosen. A dedicated IP address is provided for SSL-protected sites.


Support: 24/7 Live Tech Support is available via chat
and phone. 


Contract Terms: Month-to-month


Method of Payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card


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